About Daycare

Sit Doggie Daycare is a dog daycare facility located in Vancouver's West End.

If you are thinking about regular daycare for your dog, come check us out. Call, email or drop by to book an "Introduction" for your dog. Intros are scheduled for 5 hours (between 7am-12pm) Monday to Friday.

During this time we assess your dog's separation anxiety level and social skills. After the intial introduction, you can book regular half or full days of care for your dog. We require a commitment of at least one full or half day a week. Sit Doggie Daycare is a social dog environment so regular attendance and current vaccination records are mandatory.


Why we dont accept drop-ins...no exceptions!

Your dog is used to a certain routine and daycare can be a part of that. But, as with all training, it must be introduced gradually, consistently and with care.

By requiring that all of our dogs are regular attendees, we ensure the least amount of "change" to your dog's experience when she is in daycare. Bringing in a new dog who has not had the proper introduction to daycare is an un-needed and unhealthy stress for both the new dog and the daycare dogs. All of our dogs are required to attend daycare at least one day or half day per week.